Mississippi Trip-Jackson and Grenada

We went to Mississippi last week to visit my grandparents and cousins.  It was a wonderful trip, except that my sweet MamaSara is not doing well.  The very long drive was as smooth as we could have ever imagined.  The kids did so well, and I think Georgia only cried about 5 minutes total!  It was amazing!

I took so many pictures that I am going to make several posts, so this is the first leg of the trip.  We drove to Jackson on Saturday and spent some time with the Jordans.  It was so much fun to see them again, and their new home is just beautiful…and somehow already decorated!  They just moved a month ago!  My kids absolutely love the 4 Jordan kids and we like Jeff and Dominique alright, too.  It was a fun (very quick) reunion.

The boys were instantly playing!Jeff jumped at any chance to hold sweet Georgia.

The girls played with dolls…

then they took all their babies to the store while chatting on the cell phone.


My little mess!

The crew (minus Georgia) Jeffrey, Wells, AnnaLeigh, Henry, Caroline, Lilly Katherine, and Preston.

We hope to make many more stops at the Jordan house on our way to see family!

We only stayed in Jackson about 3 hours this time, then we were off to Grenada to spend the night with my cousin, Tyson and his wonderful wife, Danielle.  Tyson and Danielle have worked countless hours and put blood, sweat, and tears into building a beautiful home.  They did so much of it themselves, and Brad and I were constantly amazed at their beautiful craftsmanship.  However, you will have to trust me on it, because I have no pics!

I do have a few pics of the maniacs.  AnnaLeigh is such a ham lately!  She rummaged through Neely’s closet and dressed herself in this little get-up.  Then she told Neely to play a song for her on the guitar so she could dance.  She’s a bossy little 3 year old, but so cute that people always do as they are told!  Dangerous combo!

The kids.  Bryce, Preston, AnnaLeigh, Neely, Georgia, Lilly Katherine.

How do I have a child that is so white she glows?  I don’t know, but I sure do love her to pieces!

Thanks Tyson and Danielle for being such wonderful hosts!

More Mississippi to come.



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