Mickey Mouse Pops

I promised that I would post the instructions for the Mickey Mouse Pops from AnnaLeigh and Truett’s Mickey Mouse Train Birthday party.  Well, this may be 2 weeks late, but I am finally posting.

Also 2.5 weeks late would be our family Easter picture.  I would love to post all the pics of my maniacs hunting eggs at school, church, and at friends’ houses, but at this point, I think I have waited much too long to write about our Easter weekend.  Here is one family pic that was snapped before we walked into church.

And now onto our Mickey Mouse Pops.

They are really pretty simple, and don’t take too much time or skill.  Mine were in no way perfect, and I did not take the time to make them perfect.  I knew they were going straight in the mouths of precious little babes (and my big ol’ mouth), so I wasn’t too worried about perfection.  The kids knew that these were Mickey pops…and that’s all that mattered.

What you will need:

Mini Oreos, MEGA STUF Oreos, Chocolate Almond Bark, Lollipop Sticks

I went to the store to get Double Stuf Oreos, but I found these instead!  How could I resist?!?

They worked beautifully for the Mickey Pops.  You can use Double Stuf Oreos if you can not find the Mega Stuf.

Put one cube of Almond Bark in a ZipLock bag and microwave it on a low power.  You want your almond bark to melt, but you do not want it to be too hot to handle.  Once it is melted, cut a tiny slit in the corner of the bag.

Squeeze a dab onto a mini Oreo

Stick the Mini Oreos to the Mega Stuf Oreo.  It does NOT have to be perfect.  The chocolate can be globby.  Hm.  Spell check doesn’t like the word “globby.”  Oh well, you want enough chocolate for the Mini Oreos to stick to the large Oreo.

Set the Mickey heads on wax paper and let them completely dry before you put them on a lollipop stick.

Then push the Lollipop stick into the white center.  It will fit perfectly into the Mega Stuf Oreos and it works best if you apply a little pressure to the cookie, just so it doesn’t break apart.  If you find that the white filling is too hard, microwave each cookie for about 2-3 seconds just to barely soften it.  Push the stick almost all the way through, but not quite.

You will need a shallow bowl to coat the Mickey heads with chocolate.  Melt the almond bark.  Again, you will need to heat it on a low power so that it is warm, but not too hot to handle.  You will have to hold the bowl, so make sure it’s not too hot for your hand.  Also, if the chocolate it too hot, it will melt the ears off of your Mickey head.

Dip one side of the Mickey in the chocolate, making sure that you coat the white icing of the large Oreo and the small Oreos.  It works best if you tilt the bowl of chocolate over to get the chocolate as close to the edge as possible.  The chocolate needs to come all the way to the lollipop stick so that the Mickey pop stays in tact.

Quickly dip it on one side.

Then flip it and dip it on the other side.  Again, focus on completely covering the Mickey with the chocolate almond bark.  I did lose an occasional ear into the chocolate.  Just stick it back on and lay that one aside until it dries again…or eat it. :)

Lay them on wax paper until they are completely dry.   And that is it!  Mickey Mouse Pops!

We covered them with a little cellophane bag and put a red/white bow on them.  Ta-Dah!

See ya real soon!




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