My Little Graduate

I am sure this is not the post in which I should express all of my opinions regarding Kindergarten Graduation, Elementary School Graduation, Middle School Graduation, and T-ball trophies!  But let me be the parent that shouts loud and clear that I am not a fan of any of the above.  I firmly believe that Graduation is an honor that should be reserved for those that have completed 13 full years of school (K-12) and for students completing college, or higher education…and that trophies should be earned and deserved, not given to every player that put on a uniform.

Can I get an AMEN?

And if any of you would like to start a petition to get this back to the way it was when we were kids, I am happy to jump on the bandwagon!


Despite my little rant above, my baby girl did have a graduation ceremony last week, and I am proud of her for doing so well in kindergarten, and I will so greatly miss LK being at her pre-school, and we have pics from the sweet little ceremony, and I would be a mean mom if I didn’t show up and allow my child to participate in the celebration (No, I am not that cold hearted), and soooooo…

Here is my post. :)

Lilly Katherine’s Kindergarten Graduation.

She had a precious class of sweet kids.  The teachers are the best Kindergarten teachers in the world, and they were Brad’s teachers when he was young.  I remind them often that they have to teach at least 5 more years…so all of my kids can have the wonderful foundation that Mrs. Mays and Mrs. Dean provide!

Brad’s mom (Nana) taught for years, and since she retired she has taught science every Friday to these kindergarteners, and they LOVE it!  She handed out their diplomas.

The class sang a few songs.

This was the picture in Lilly Katherine’s journal about graduation.  She is such a little artist.

This is our failed attempt at a family picture.

Most of them looked more like this!

Lilly Katherine with her sweet friends (twins) Isabella and Sophie.

The class was full of goof-balls.  They loved making silly faces, so they wanted a silly face picture.

We gave each one of them a framed picture of the class and they all signed it.

The kids were so excited about their picture.  LK has looked at hers over and over.

Lilly Katherine and Samuel.  We will miss being in school with them!  These two love each other like brother and sister.

Congrats my little kindergarten graduate!  I love you, and I am so proud of you.  I am sad that you will be going to school all day next year!  AnnaLeigh, Georgia and I will miss you!  However, you will love it, and you will do such a wonderful job!  I love you, baby girl!



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