I’ll Love You Forever

My sweet baby girl has felt pretty puny all week.  I think she has the stomach bug on top of an ear infection.  The ONLY good thing that comes out of having a sick baby is that I get to snuggle with her all the time.

I wish Georgia was a cuddly baby, but she is not.  If she can tell that I am trying to snuggle or sneak a kiss, she pushes me away and says in a very forceful 1 year old voice “OP!”

That’s right!  “OP!” (stop!)

My precious baby girl does not say “dog” or “cat” or “please” but she can yell “OP” like a champ!  We make feisty women, I tell ya!

Anyway, my little peach has been sick, and as a result I have gotten lots of love from her…and I have been bound to my house, but whatever.

Today I was reading a book to her that has been a favorite of mine since Preston was born, “Love You Forever.”

If you are pregnant or you have children, please make sure this is one of the books in your baby’s library.  It is such a precious book, and it has been well loved at our house.

I remember the first time I read this book, holding my newborn baby boy in my arms.  I remember rocking him back and forth and singing (very off key with my own little “tune”) the song that the mother sings to her little boy.

I’ll love you forever,

I’ll like you for always,

As long as I’m living

my baby you’ll be.

I remember getting to the end of the book and literally BUSTING into tears.  I am not sure that I could not even finish reading it.  I have read this book probably 100 times, and I bet that I have cried at least 40.  I might be a little on the emotional side, but to my credit I have basically been pregnant or nursing for the last 9 1/2 years, so I blame hormones for a few of those tears.

Well, as I read “Love You Forever” to AnnaLeigh last week, I noticed something.  I have always felt like the mom in the above picture, with that little baby.  I have also been able to relate to the part about the 2-year old.  I have been “that mom” for a long time.

However, as I read this page, I started crying in the middle of the book!  Look at this!

The little boy grew.  He grew and he grew and he grew.  He grew until he was NINE years old. 

NINE!  (Like Preston!!!)

And he never wanted to come in for dinner (Preston), he never wanted to take a bath (Preston), and when grandma visited he always said bad words (Preston better not!).  Sometimes his mother wanted to sell him to the zoo (Preston!)

And look at the picture…


The only difference I see in that picture and my life is that there are no dishes in that sink!

It seriously depressed me!  On the very next page of this book, the boy is a TEENAGER!  Then he moves out of the house!  I am halfway there.  Literally…half.way.there!

What in the world!?!?!

Since I haven’t figured out how to freeze time, I guess I will hold this baby and enjoy reading to my puny little peach.

May you all stay free from sickness, but take a minute to read this book to your baby…even if your baby is NINE!




  1. Jennifer says:

    Aww! Sweet baby Georgia! I’ve been praying for her to feel better! I hope she’s on the mend! And seriously-I don’t think I can handle Noah being 9. He needs to stay little forever!! :)

  2. Hannah Taff says:

    My favorite kid’s book! My mom would read this to me and my sisters when we were little and now we read it to Ian (Erica’s little one)! Precious story!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I just saw this and thought of your sweet Georgia:

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