The Love of my Life!

13 years ago today, we said “I do!”

Brad was then, is now, and will forever be the LOVE OF MY LIFE!

Babe, I love you more every day!

Lord, thank you for this man.  Thank you for blessing my life and my world with this wonderful person!  Thank you for the love that we share.  Thank you for his loyalty and faithfulness to you, to me, and to our babies.  Thank you for how we just “work.”  We fit.  We compliment each other so well, and I cannot imagine my life without this precious man. 

Thank you for his cute, strong arms, and his cute hair.  Thank you for his humble, quiet spirit, and the way he encourages me.  Thank you that he likes to eat what I cook, and he doesn’t fuss about the disaster in which we live.  Thank you for his morals, his work ethic, and his determination.  Thank you for his health and his desire to stay healthy.  Please keep him healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.

Thank you for BRAD and the 13 precious years thus far.  Please, Lord, please let us share many, many, many more wonderful years together!




  1. Jill says:

    Happy anniversary…so sweet!

  2. meaghan says:

    don’t you ever wonder who on EARTH let you get married so young?!?! i think that when i look at our wedding pictures…babies!

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