Where have I been?

I have so many things I want to blog about.  I have lists in my head of events that have occurred lately and stories to tell,  but I am in between computers, and my blogging has been put on hold.  I ran out of memory space on my old computer, and it sits 5 feet from Brad’s head as he and Georgia are trying to sleep, so we decided it was time for a laptop.  I know, welcome to the 21st century!  Anyway, we got a new computer and it didn’t work, so for a few weeks I have been in limbo…which is why I have blogged VERY little!  My sweet hubby (and my dear friend Kellie-who just got ENGAGED…which could be a whole blog post) have worked and worked to get my computer up and going.  We’re almost there.

In the meantime, I wanted to post a few pics…

My sweet little Georgia has gotten so much happier.  She turned 3 months old, and she magically became a better baby.  I contemplated putting her on medicine, because it was obvious that she was in pain due to acid reflux.  She would scream and then spit up and scream more.  I don’t love to medicate my kids if it’s not absolutely necessary, so I briefly (very briefly) thought about cutting certain foods out, like dairy.


The thought of cutting food out made me want to cry.  Many friends wisely told me that things like dairy were probably upsetting her tummy and making her fussy.  I decided to do something that no good mom would do.  Instead of giving it up, I ate as much dairy as I could in 24 hours…quiche every meal, smoothies with yogurt and milk, etc.  I figured if dairy was the culprit, I was sure to know it after all the dairy I consumed.

I know, foolish!

However, that was Georgia’s happiest 2 days!  I decided then that depriving myself of cheese and yogurt and ice cream and CREAMER, would not make Georgia happier, and it CERTAINLY wasn’t going to make me happier!  I guess many of my friends were right when they told me to wait until 3 months.  Her little tummy finally figured things out a little better.

Praise the LORD!


Here are a few pics of Laurabeth (my sweet niece) and my baby girl.  They get to see each other almost every day.  They are starting to notice each other and coo.  It’s so sweet.  I tried to get a pic of them, but they would never smile at the same time.  Here are 2 pics, so you can see both of their pretty smiles! :)

My friends Elicia, Meredith, and Carrie, and I took our kids to see Chimpanzee.  Great movie.  Good times.  I got yelled at…literally YELLED at by a grumpy old lady in the movie theater, but that’s for a later post.  Here’s a very poor quality pic of all the kids we had in the theater.  Please notice that I put Georgia on top of poor Eva in the car seat.

And lastly, this is what I found my 8 year old son reading to my 5 year old daughter last week.

Heavens to Betsy!

That was not a discussion I was ready to have…so I avoided as much detail as possible.  I know, I know…I will tell them all about it one day…but not at age 8 and 5!!!

Have a lovely Tuesday!



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