Thanksgiving Day-Yes, I am Behind!

This has been a fun week!  Georgia has a double ear infection and the medicine has caused something horrible to happen inside of her little body.  Yesterday, we had the MOTHER OF ALL BLOWOUTS (and this ain’t my first rodeo!)  It was HORRIBLE!  I was in a new store, by myself with the girls, and let’s just say, Praise the LORD I knew the sweet store owner, who whisked me into the back room and saved my life!  (Thank you Meagan!)  Also, praise the LORD my little peach was wearing pantyhose, because it contained part of the green mess, while the other part was oozing out of the top of her diaper, through her hose, all over my clothes, down the chair, and onto the floor.  I never knew 14 pounds of preciousness could produce 14 pounds of goo!  So, that’s not what you planned on reading, considering the title is Thanksgiving Day!

My point is this…this week, Georgia has had ear infections, AnnaLeigh has a horrible rash from head to toe, Preston can’t hear because his (third set of) tubes are messed up, and we’ve had 4 Christmas parties, on top of just regular old life!  So, the old bloggidy blog has been put on the back burner…as well it should have been.

Last week was busy, but still a good week.  I should be preparing my grocery list and sleeping, but I have decided that midnight is a good time to catch up on Thanksgiving.

Mm hmm.

Soooo, Thanksgiving Day was spent at Brad’s parents’ home with his brother Andy, and his family.  We had a wonderful day full of food, fun, food, football, and food!  Here are a few pics…

Andy, Kara, Kay, George, Me, Brad

Georgia was not happy about the pictures, and Preston chose his own clothes.  To his credit, it was 80° outside.

She just wanted her mama…which is typically the case…and I LOVE IT!

We took a picture of all the grandkids, but my sweet niece, Claire, had just gotten her wisdom teeth removed.  Because I love her, I will not be posting any pics of her beautiful face.

However, this is a rare pic!  The brothers…Andy and Brad.

Georgia and Tayler

Garrett and Preston.  Eyeblack is an important part of Preston’s wardrobe!

Lilly Katherine, AnnaLeigh, and Nana.

The most important activity for some on Thanksgiving Day…watching the Cowboys!

And then playing outside.  It was too dark for me to get any decent pics, but these boys love to play ball!

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.  We are blessed to be able to share Thanksgiving with so much of our family every year.  Thank you, Kay for a yummy Thanksgiving meal!


Now, this is really late, but here are a few pics from the girls’ Thanksgiving performances at school.

AnnaLeigh was so excited!  She was born to perform!  Help me Rhonda!

Three precious little turkeys!  Finley, Pinky, Truett

Best friends, AnnaLeigh and Finley.

Of course my girls performed on different days, but it was fun to let each of them have their own time in the spotlight.  They both did a great job.

My goofy little pilgrim.




  1. Christina Keller says:

    I found your blog a while ago from a friends blog and I just love reading your stories and your recipes. But something really caught my eye today. Did you make your little girls dresses in from the Thanksgiving thing at school? If so they are absolutely precious and adorable :-)

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