S’mores in the Backyard

We had our first little cool snap this weekend.  I am a summer girl!  I like sun and heat, and I do not like any temp lower than 70!  Thankfully in East Texas, warm weather bounces in and out of November and December.  I just don’t like to be cold…but I do like S’MORES and campfires!

So the maniacs dressed themselves for a blizzard, complete with hats, scarves, mittens and rain boots.  Then we all went outside.

Brad built a backyard campfire in our little fire pit, and we roasted marshmallows.

Even my baby peach joined us, and she was looking too stinkin’ precious in her hat.

Lilly Katherine liked her marshmallow burned…like her mother! :)

Preston did NOT like his marshmallow burned!

This was as toasted as Preston wanted his.

My Pinky LOVED her s’more!

So did this girl.

And so did this boy!  Sam got lucky several times.

Even Brad enjoyed the fruits of his labor.

…a lot!

Preston took this picture of me holding Georgia, and I am including it for one reason.  I know it’s not a great pic of either one of us, but I read a blog post that a friend shared on Facebook this weekend, and I had to include a picture of myself.

This is a blog I have never read before, but I was very touched by what she said here.  I am so guilty of never letting my face show in pictures.  It is so much easier to hide behind the camera, because I don’t enjoy seeing pictures of my larger-than-I-would-like-to-be, lactating, postpartum with the FOURTH child body, that is rarely made-up, and usually topped off with a greasy pony-tail.  However, my kids need to see me in pictures.  They need to be able to know I was there…not just there behind the camera.  They need to remember what I did and how I looked and just remember me as part of the action.  They will not look back and see stretch marks or bags under my eyes.  They will see their mother!  They will see ME!  The real mama, wife, daughter, sister, cook, cleaner, driver, planner…the real housewife and mother that I am!  I need to not be ashamed of it, but embrace this stage of motherhood.

Wish me luck!

Maybe seeing myself in pictures will motivate me to shower or get dressed…maybe! :)

Have a lovely week!


17 Yet he has not left himself without testimony: He has shown kindness by giving you rain from heaven and crops in their seasons; he provides you with plenty of food and fills your hearts with joy.”  -Acts 14:17


  1. Lisa says:

    Love you Girl! Thanks for keeping it real (and you are Incredible beautiful both in AND out!)

  2. Jill says:

    Ah, so true! Your Georgia Peach and my Josephine Rose are about the same age, and I avoid stepping in front of the camera too often. Must.stop.that! Thanks for the encouragement. :-)

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