Random Pics from our Exciting Lives

Lately, we haven’t done much of anything.  We have worn pj’s a LOT!  We have not fixed our hair.  We have barely ventured out of the house and I have worn my new house shoes almost every day.  I live a very exciting life.

Here are a few random pics.

The big girls have played together daily.  I’m so thankful they have each other.

Laurabeth has been over several times.

This pic just makes me smile because they are both grinning and it looks like Georgia is saying “YESSSSS!”

Laurabeth was fussing.  She didn’t like to be naked or photographed.  I’m pretty sure Georgia would be sassing me if she could talk.  Those eyes say it all!

Oh, I could just squeeze this little body!

Georgia had her first bath!  The kids got to help bathe her.

She loved the water, but was not a fan of getting out.

Mimi has spent time loving on both girls.

Papa had his turn to love on Georgia.

This reminds me of a line from “Little Red Riding Hood.”  Some of you will get that.  Some of you are very confused right now.  I love you, Diddy! :)

Sunday morning, this is what my bed looked like.  Crazy kids!

And then there’s this maniac!  I asked Preston to entertain AnnaLeigh for a few minutes.  This is what I ended up with…a 3-year old maniac running through the house yelling, “I’m a basebaw pwaya!”

Um.  Close.

She even did the Rudy Huxtable dance!

I know that every mom thinks their child is beautiful.  Well, I think sweet Georgia is beautiful, and I think this is what God uses to humble me!  My kids get the WORST case of baby acne followed by a year long case of cradle cap.  This is a pic from day ONE of baby acne, and it’s gotten worse from there.  Poor pretty little girl.  Just as I want to get her out and show her off, her sweet face looks like THIS!

One final pic.  I’m still doing a WHOLE LOTTA THIS, and I’m loving it!

I am going to try to go to the grocery store tomorrow.  Pray we don’t have a day like this one!  I’m hoping it will be a smooth trip.  I’m sure I’ll have a story or two to tell.

Have a lovely Tuesday!




  1. Cindy says:


    God Bless your sweet, sweet family!! I have a home remedy for the baby acne that truly works. Wash her face with gold dial soap. That’s it. After a few times it will go away. I don’t know what is in the gold dial but it is good stuff.


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