Opening Day and Sic ‘em Bears!

This Saturday was Opening Day at the Ballpark, and my little calendar (Preston) has been counting down the days!  He LOVES baseball and was so excited to get the season started.  This is his second year of 5-pitch and I thought I had everything ready for him…

Black shirt-check

Black socks-check

Black belt-check

Black hat-check

Gray pants-there were some clean pants in the drawer, so CHECK

As Preston was getting dressed about 20 minutes before he had to leave, he started to panic a little and he said, “Mama, I think these pants are too tight!”

I looked at him and my poor baby was sucking in with all his might to get his pants buttoned, and there was no way it was going to happen.  I am very familiar with that feeling and it’s not a good one!  I could have let him borrow my “bella band” or taught him the dance I do to get my pants up and buttoned, but I decided he would not appreciate it at this time.

I realized that the clean pants from the drawer were from t-ball and there was no way he could wear them at this point.  Being the good mom that I am, I dug through the DIRTY CLOTHES in order to find his “good” pants.  My poor baby boy had to wear FILTHY DIRTY pants to his first game!

What a good mom I am!

Despite the dirty pants, his team WON and he did a wonderful job!  My boy loves sports and there will be many more baseball pics to come.  Here are a few from opening day…of everyone.

Preston’s biggest fans, his cousins, watching him play.

We watched Preston’s game, my nephew Caleb’s game, and then my nephew Garrett’s game.  It was an absolutely beautiful day and we were at the ballpark for over 5 hours.  We all had a blast, but we hit meltdown point as we left.  When we got home I realized that my sweet baby Georgia was SUNBURNED!!!  Another stellar mom moment!  It wasn’t horrible, but her face (which was covered almost the whole time) was a little red.  She is my most fair child and I guess I am going to really have to watch it!

This is what the girls did at the ballpark.

Georgia was passed and passed and passed from friend to family to friend and she was so happy!  She slept all day long.  It was wonderful!

She also had a very in-depth conversation with her Aunt Kara.

LK and Pinky just played and ran and giggled all day with their friends Paige and Laura.

And they ate yummy baseball cookies made by Aunt Sugar.

I have to brag on my nephew, Caleb.  He is 4, but the boy knows what is going on in the field.  He had a great first game…and thus got to enjoy…a great first snowcone!

Here is a shot of Caleb’s 2 biggest fans…his daddy and his little sister, Laurabeth.

It was a fun day.  My sweet boy did such a great job!  I am so glad we all enjoy the ballpark, because we have many years of baseball to come.


Sunday night, we got together at my parents’ house to cheer for the Lady Bears!  GO BAYLOR!  It’s been a great year for Baylor, and my girls are always looking for a reason to wear their cheerleader uniforms!

The little Baylor Bears…

Truett, AnnaLeigh, Caleb, Laurabeth, Preston, Georgia, Lilly Katherine

The serious game watchers…

The not-so-serious game watchers.  Georgia’s eyes look crazy, but this was the only pic of my THREE girls. :)

Aunt Sugar (My brother-in-law’s sister, Anne) made these cute Baylor dresses for Georgia and Laurabeth.



Congrats Baylor women on an exciting win!




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    Love it all and miss you!!!!

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