Friday Fav #24-YouTube Videos

This is a random thing to post for my Friday Fav, but I wanted to share some of my fav YouTube songs.

I learned a song a few years ago when AnnaLeigh was a baby, and I searched online to make sure I was singing it correctly.  I found this precious couple on YouTube singing the song, and then I sang it over and over to AnnaLeigh.  I have listened to it again lately as I’ve sung this sweet lullaby to Georgia.

I don’t know these people, but I love the old decor as it reminds me of my Sicilian great-grandmother, Nanna.  I also love hearing the dialogue at the end, “That wuza vera nice!”

The third verse is the sweetest, which they don’t sing, but it is this…

“I do Believe
That God above
Created you
for me to love
He picked you out
from all the rest
because God knew
I’d love
you best”


The next 2 videos I love because they basically sum up my life. I’m sure most of you have seen both of these, but if you haven’t, watch them. If you have, watch them again. They will get your day started with a little laugh!

This song sounds like my crazy, wonderful life:

This song sounds like ME:

And while I’m posting YouTube videos, I might as well another one of my most favorite songs:

Happy Friday! :)




  1. kelly says:

    I had not heard the second video, and i loved it!!! With two in college and two still home, life has slowed down a bit, but not much!!! Love how the daughter shows up at the end, so sweet! Thanks for always blessing my days Kate! Hoping to see that new precious Newberry very soon! (before she outgrows the gift I got her!!!!)

  2. Jill says:

    I kept waiting for the dad in the 2nd video to turn around and scream when he saw his daughter like, “She found me!” Funny…I can totally relate!

  3. franci says:

    Hey- Georgia is beautiful! These videos… you are CRAZY! Load those children up and come visit us. We want to see the baby. F

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