First FRIGID Swim

I love to walk or jog, even with all my maniacs, but lately I look like a side show when I do it.  I am usually pushing Lilly Katherine and AnnaLeigh in our double jogger with Preston running beside me and Georgia in a sling around my body!  I know that people do double-takes as they pass me and say to themselves, “Bless her heart!” or “Look at that crazy lady with all those kids!”  However, we too must leave the house for fresh air and exercise, and so off we go…bringing the circus with us!

Yesterday it was just too pretty to stay inside, and I was in the mood for a little walk.  I have to encourage my clone (LK) to get up and be active, because she, like her mother, would rather sit still and lazily enjoy life.  So, I told Lilly Katherine she was going to “get to” jog with me this time.  She was pumped, not because she was going to run, but because she was going to get to wear her running shorts and running shoes.

We headed out with no destination in mind, but I decided we should walk to Brad’s parents’ house (half a mile away).  They were working on their pool, which has been covered all winter and my maniacs were most excited!

We were in their backyard for about 2 seconds before the kids started begging, “Can we swim?  PLEASE?!?!”

Are you kidding?!?!  The water was FREEZING!  Of course I said “NO!”

After about 5 more minutes of PLLEEEEASE, PLLLEEEASE can we swim?” I finally said to Preston, “If you can find a swimsuit here then you can swim.  If not, you can NOT, because you can’t walk home in wet clothes.”

About 2.5 seconds later he was outside in a swimsuit…standing on the diving board.  I was cracking up because I knew he was scared to death.  He made up 100 reasons why he couldn’t jump in at that moment.  I just sat there laughing and telling him it was going to be cold.  I looked at my mother-in-law and said, “If he ever jumps, which I doubt he will, he will come up telling me the water is not cold.”

Well wonders never cease!  He actually jumped!  I was proud of him for doing something “crazy!”  Crazy for my little logical, analytical, scared-to-death-of-everything, tough guy!

And guess what he said as his frozen, shaking, frantic little body emerged from the ice cold water…

“It wasn’t cold!”

Whatever!  The poor guy shivered and shook then ran and got back in the pool.  MANIAC!

Well you know what happened next…I then had 2 little ladies begging to go in as well.  I told them if they had swimsuits they could get in, but that I was not taking them home wet or naked!  They found 2 BOY swimsuits and started stripping down!  Oh my goodness!  At that point I was choosing my battles and decided that if they wanted to be soaking wet and freezing cold, why not.  They were in those swimsuits and in the water as fast as their little bodies could move.

They loved every minute of their ice cold swim!

Good times!  There will be many many more swimming days to come.

Thank you, Lord!  Thank you for water in which we can splash.  Thank you for this gorgeous weather you have given us to enjoy.  Thank you for little giggles and fun memories that I can treasure!



  1. Jill says:

    Your maniacs are cuh-razy!!! :-)

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