Delightful Dinner

The weather has been so absolutely gorgeous lately that we have been outside soaking up God’s gift of nature and SPRING as much as possible…before his gift of summer and mosquitoes arrive.  Last week we decided to walk to dinner in order to enjoy as much of this season as possible.  It truly was a fun evening.

As Preston and Brad walked ahead, the girls stopped to blow dandelions.  Lilly Katherine would blow every single one of them if I would let her.

Then they stopped to smell the roses.  That will be LK’s theme in life.  She is very good (sometimes too good) at stopping to smell the roses.

At the end of dinner, the waiter brought the kids free push-up pops.  My kids had never eaten one before.  What kind of mother am I?  I have totally deprived my kids of push-up pops!!!  They loved them, of course.

This little maniac thought her push-up pop was a “mic-a-phone”!

Then I introduced my maniacs to another little treat…HONEYSUCKLES!  I’m not sure how Preston has made it 8 years in life and LK 5 years and I have never taught them how to eat a honeysuckle…a childhood delicacy!  I love the smell, and I love the taste, and I love the memories that come to mind when I think of that sweet little flower.  I know that from now on Lilly Katherine and AnnaLeigh will want to stop and eat honeysuckles every time we see them.  I am actually okay with that!  That’s what you are supposed to do!

Good times with the fam enjoying the amazing colors our creative God has given us…just because he loves us!



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