Yesterday I took all four of my maniacs to go vote.  I wanted them to see how it worked and explain how fortunate we are to live in the United States of America where our opinion matters.  I want them to know the importance of voting.  All the sweet little ladies there were so excited to see my “future voters!”  We were able to vote immediately.  Their opinion may have changed if we had been there for an extended period of time.

After we got home, we decided to FINALLY (as my kids said) carve our pumpkin. 

I asked how we should carve the pumpkin and they all had different ideas, so we decided to take a VOTE!  It was the perfect way to teach them.  I gave each of them a pitiful looking ballot with 2 choices.

They voted for the pumpkin of their choice.

And 2 against 1, the second pumpkin won.  However, after the majority won and we decided to carve the winning pumpkin, they had a little amendment.  They wanted the traditional toothy grin instead of the curvy mouth.  We voted again, and they all agreed!  I love democracy when it works that well!

The kids did a lot of the carving…and no one cut themselves or anyone else.  Praise the LORD!

Our pumpkin.  Our GEORGIA-lantern!  We made it’s teeth like Georgia’s crazy teeth, so we call it our Georgia-lantern.

Then we enjoyed the very fancy Jack o’Lantern pizza from Papa Murphey’s.

Tonight we dressed in our Halloween costumes – a Dallas Cowboy, a little Cinderella, a “wadybug” and Tinkerbell.

Georgia and her Georgia-lantern.

Our sweet neighbors, Presley and Peyton.

Georgia and cousin Claire

Georgia laughing at cousin Garrett’s new braces.  She thinks they are so funny.

Preston spent most of the time at the dunking booth.

It was a great night!  We got so much more candy that I thought we would.  In my OCD ways, I have already separated all the candy from the chocolate from the suckers and put them all in their own container.  Please tell me you do it too!  It’s just a sin to keep candy and chocolate together!

I may have made myself a little stash, and I may have made myself a little sick…already!  Self control is not my gift!

Happy Halloween from the maniacs!



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