Because I like to Procrastinate

Things have been rocking along around here, but we are in the newborn fog a little because sweet Georgia has had a cold for about two weeks.  She can’t breathe, so she can’t eat, and she can’t sleep, so I don’t get to sleep too much.  My poor baby.  It’s so hard when they are so little that they can’t tell you what hurts, they can’t blow their little noses, and they have to just depend on mama to figure it out and make it better.

She has spent a lot of time in my arms and a lot of time with a giant green hospital bulb aspirator (booger sucker) up her nose.  I’m pretty positive I’ve stretched her little nostrils out forever.

Anyway, Georgia is asleep for the moment and because I like to procrastinate, I decided I would rather write a short post than clean my house.  Last week she had two good evenings and she slept really well, and as she slept I got to do something that I enjoy doing…I got to bake a cake for my sweet friend Andria’s little boy, Drew.

Since Georgia made her grand entrance into the world, Andria has been picking Preston up from school.  Anyone with school age children and several NON-school age children knows how hard it is to wake up and load up sleeping children to go retrieve the one from school.  Sweet Andria has helped more than I can ever express by saving me that daily trip to get Preston, so I talked her into letting me make her precious baby boy a birthday cake.

Drew loves basketball, so she wanted a basketball cake for him.  He loved it and that made me happy!

(Disclaimer:  I did not come up with this cute idea.  I merely copied this picture I found online.  I certainly am not creative.  I am just a plagiarizer!)  :)

When no one was watching, Drew climbed on the dining table and his daddy caught him just as he was lunging for the cake.  Drew said, “I want to pway wif da ball.”  When they tried to explain that it wasn’t a ball it was a cake, he said, “I want to pway wif da cake.”  He wanted so badly to get the ball from the basket.  That made the cake totally worth it and made me so happy.  Here is a pic of his little attempt at getting the ball out.

Happy Birthday, sweet Drew!

Many of you have asked about my fondant.  This is Part I of the video I used to learn how to make it, and this is part II.  I need to post some pics and helpful hints, but that will be another post for another day.

Now for a few random iPhone pics from this week…

AnnaLeigh has make-upped herself…several times.  Here are 2 pics.

Lilly Katherine tried to boogie board on a pillow across our hardwood floors.  It didn’t work out so well for her.  She missed the pillow and her face skidded across the floor instead.  It was still bleeding 4 hours later when I took this pic.  We went to the dentist, and we think her little teeth will be okay.  It was traumatic for her…to say the least!  Of course, as it happened I was trying to feed Georgia and wipe AnnaLeigh’s bottom, which caused all kinds of screaming from 3 little girls that all needed me at once.

And one last pic.  This little angel…she’s just growing too stinkin’ fast!

Have a lovely Saturday night!



  1. Christine says:

    Your cakes are amazing! So impressive, and right after giving birth. Girl, you are awesome!

  2. Kelli Marchant says:

    I would LOVE to make this for my husband but how did you make the ball part round? Thanks!!!

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