Bad Mom Day

Today was not a day that I am proud of.

I have these days, oh, about once a month, and I simply can NOT say anything nice.  To anyone!  I have no patience with my kids.  I sound like Debbie downer when my friends casually ask how I am doing.  They expect the normal “fine, thanks,” not “well let me tell you…”

It’s Friday night, and I am in my pjs, in bed, with all 4 maniacs in bed…at 7:59!

That’s right, 7:59!

That just doesn’t happen in this house, but it was an absolute necessity today, or you were going to get to see my picture on the news…and not in a good way!  If I had the energy, I would make these.  The good thing is that I made it to the Cookie Company today, and inhaled a doozie already, so I can pass on the PMS Brownies…until tomorrow.


Tomorrow is Baylor Homecoming and the Rose Festival.  We are not going to make it to homecoming this year (BOOHOO!!!), but hopefully we will get to “see the princesses.”

And I can say with confidence that tomorrow will be a better day.

Since my precious little wild ones are tucked away in their beds, sleeping soundly, I feel that it would be good for my heart to see some pictures of them having fun.  They can’t talk back or disobey in pictures.  Right?  See below.

First, my little athlete loves playing football, and I love watching him.  It’s flag football, which is just perfect with me.  He rocks at it, and makes this mama proud!

And this picture is from another game, but I had to include it.  My big bug left everyone in the dust for the TOUCHDOWN!

Also, last week, Brad and I took the girls to see the princess dresses at the Rose Museum, and they loved it!  They kept begging to be one of the princesses one day, but we just laughed and squashed their dreams and told them that it was NEVER going to happen.  That’s one of those “nevers” that I feel pretty confident saying.  Poor girls.

Seriously, he is the world’s best daddy!

Okay, so I sat on the ground and politely asked these 3 to stand with the pretty princess so I could take their picture.  What was that about not disobeying in pictures?  So here are a few attempts…

That is my child petting the dress, right above the sign that clearly states “Do NOT Touch!”


Georgia finally stood up, and the tongue came out!

I give up!  Just go run!

I do love these sweet maniacs!  They make me crazy on days like today, but I know for certain that I, too, make them crazy.

I am so far from the perfect mom and so VERY far from anything that can be called “together” and so far from the woman I want to be.  And it’s days like today that I am crying out to the Lord as I hastily spread peanut butter and jelly on a sandwich at 7:35 am, after giving my third spankin’ of the morning, that I am thankful that He forgives me!  Before I even had a chance to get coffee, I was fussing to God about my children being so disobedient and hard headed.  I was telling God that I give them everything that they need and almost everything that they want.  I love them and do everything in the world for them.  I give them my all, and they just give me crap!  They don’t appreciate me and they don’t listen and they don’t respect me at all as their mother.

It was then that I started tearing up, because I realized I was talking about MYSELF!  I am that person to MY Father!

I am just as hard headed and just as disobedient and just as ungrateful and unappreciative.  It’s not intentional.  It’s busyness and worry and no time for the Lord and too much time on facebook and too much time texting and too much time doing all kinds of “stuff” that doesn’t matter!

It’s me not taking time to smell the roses and thank God for all the glorious colors and smells and sites.

It’s me being too quick to fuss at my kids for getting every single pair of my shoes out, to notice how cute they are wearing my shoes.

It’s me getting so flipping frustrated that I cook every meal with an arts and crafts festival at my feet, as I dodge glue, and markers and try not to slide on papers, instead of sitting down to draw with them or appreciate their artwork.

I have now started to ramble and confess all my sins to the www.

My point is this…I needed to see pictures of my little darlings tonight, and reflect on my own sinful nature and just be thankful that I have a God that loves me, regardless of all my junk!  He loves me even when I have a bad attitude.  He wants my time and my energy, and I know He will give ME the energy to deal with all those little maniacs that make me looney!

It’s days like today that I forget to count my blessings.  It’s not that I don’t know I should.  It’s that I am so self consumed with my bad attitude that I forget to thank God for these wonderful gifts!

Lord, thank you for keeping me humble.  Thank you for blessing my life more than I could ever ask or imagine with these little live wires!  Thank you that they all have big personalities and strong wills.  I truly am thankful for that…but it sometimes makes me crazy!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to raise them, and please help me to show each one of them how much I love them in the way they need to be shown. 

Lord, on days like today, please remind me to hug them even tighter, to step back and breathe, and to remember what matters most to them and to you.  Thank you for blessing our whole family with a man after your own heart.  Thank you for his love and his kindness, and that he can come in and calm us all down.  Thank you for forgiving my ugliness.  My selfish, covetous, lazy, time-wasting ugliness!  Please daily convict me, very strongly, to be in your word and in your presence.  Help me to make wise choices as I lead these little ones, and I pray that they will not remember days like today or the many ways that I am screwing them up! 

Lord, please allow us all to wake up refreshed and happy and ready to have a fun weekend.





  1. meaghan says:

    SUCH an awesome post kate!

  2. Jill says:

    You are speaking to my heart here…how many times do I get so irritated about children running through the kitchen and playing under my feet as I prepare dinner?? You say it so well…thank you!

  3. Stefani says:

    Hi. I just came across your blog and have really been blessed reading it. I noticed your last blog was in October. Are you no longer posting?

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